Taxotere and Alopecia Law

The Link Between Alopecia And Taxotere

If you have had breast cancer, then it is likely that you have been treated with the chemotherapy drug Taxotere. While this drug is very effective at curing breast cancer, it has an undisclosed side effect, hair loss. This side effect was not explained by the manufacturer and it if you have had hair loss, which is often permanent, then you might be eligible for compensation through legal action.

Taxotere is used to treat women with advanced breast cancer. While temporary hair loss is common with cancer treatments, the hair loss with Taxotere is permanent. Even worse, the drug causes alopecia universal which means that you permanently lose all your body hair. This can have severe psychological and emotional effects, and if this has happened to you, you might want to consider legal action to get compensation for your pain and suffering.

Patients were not warned that Taxotere could cause permanent hair loss which made it impossible for patients to make an informed choice about whether to take it or not. Some lawsuits allege that the manufacturer of Taxotere hid the problems so that they could increase sales on Taxotere. If you have taken Taxotere, you might begin to experience these signs of alopecia.

With alopecia, you don’t have hair on any part of your body, including your pubic area, eyebrows, and eyelashes. You go bald, and you don’t even have underarm hair anymore. Not having eyebrows or eyelashes can give you a strange appearance and this can cause pain and suffering. You might have to deal with the emotional stress not having any hair can cause.

Filing a Taxotere Alopecia Lawsuit with Carse Law will help you get compensation for your pain and suffering. The first step is to set up a free consultation with a lawyer and see what your case is worth. You might be surprised at how much compensation you are eligible for, and just think about what you can do with that money. You can pay for medical treatments and for treatments or cosmetic procedures that can restore your hair.

What the manufacturer of Taxotere did was misleading and wrong. You deserve compensation to help you deal with the aftereffects of this drug. Your alopecia is permanent. Why should the manufacturer, Sanofi-Aventis, get to make billions of dollars and get away with not disclosing a serious side effect of this drug?

If you knew what the dangerous side effects were, you would probably have chosen a safer drug, meaning less money in the drug manufacturer’s pockets. This is the last thing they want to have happened. Take back control and file a lawsuit against the company. You deserve the compensation for the loss of your hair.

Alopecia is devastating. Taxotere has been linked with other serious side effects as well, including bone pain, anemia, low white cell counts, numbness in your toes and fingers and even a loss of taste. If you have suffered from any of these symptoms, set up a free consultation with a lawyer.

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